B-777 Double Decker???

Date:         15 Apr 97 03:22:40 
From:         dcoon@ksu.edu (David Alan Coon)
Organization: Kansas State University
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A few years ago, POPULAR SCIENCE reported that Boeing had plans to stretch the
upper deck of the B-747 to the entire length of the aircraft, and it was this,
they said, that was to be the B-777. Imagine my spurise when I saw the photos
of the first B-777 that was put in service, when it was first introduced a
while back, a SINGLE DECKER!!!! MD also had plans for such a "SUPER JUMBO" as
I would call it. Whatever happened to the B-777 DOUBLE DECKER????forgive my
ignorance (I am a layperson who travels alot by air) is the B-777 200x or 300x
the Double Decker Super Jumbo? when will such a plane be put in service? How
will a propsed MD-BOEING MERGER affect the MD plans for the double
decker....????? Am I correct in my thinking that a B-747-400series has
replaced the traditional spiral staircase with a straight one and the cockpit
is mostly digital?

please respond via e-mail if possible. Thanks.


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