Re: 30-year-old technology

Date:         15 Apr 97 03:22:40 
From:         Joseph Edward Nemec <"nemecj" (IHTFP!!!)>
Organization: Masschusetts Institute of Technology
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H Andrew Chuang wrote:

> BTW, I saw an Airbus ad basically claiming the A330-200 is two decades
> more advanced than the competition (i.e., the B767-400ER).  I guess
> marketing people can twist facts any way they want to.  I believe the
> launch dates of the B767-200 and the A330-300 are about seven or eight
> years apart.

Ah, but they never explicitly stated that they were talking about the
767-400ER! All they said was "our ageing competitor". I find this
typical of Airbus' adds, which seem to border on misrepresentation.