Re: A319 engines thrust changes during climbing

Date:         15 Apr 97 03:22:39 
From: (dzul)
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In message <airliners.1997.887@ohare.Chicago.COM> -
(Dimitrios Tombros) writes:
:>In article <>,
:>	Robert Kochersberger <> writes:
:>> 	FWIW, I rode in the cockpit of a Swissair A319 earlier this month
:>> from Zurich to Paris, and there was no such reduction of power. Takeoff
:>> and climb to FL290 were done in what I thought was the "normal" way--high
:>> power until reduction for cruise.
:>On a more general note: what is the situation about this on different
:>airlines. I know it is officially (ICAO ?) not permitted, but would be
:>interested on experience by others in the newsgroup.

most of the airport that i had flown out from used the following noise
abatement procedure;

climb at V2 +10 kts
at 1500 ft AGL, set climb trust
at 3000 ft AGL, accelerate and retract flaps on flaps retraction speed.

only at London Heatrow do we accelerate at 4000 ft AGL.
also, i am flying the B747-400s and not the A319.


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