Re: A319 engines thrust changes during climbing

Date:         15 Apr 97 03:22:38 
From:         Andrew J Braithwaite <abraithw@fordx.xcom>
Organization: Ford Motor Company
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Dimitrios Tombros wrote:
> How did you manage to ride in the cockpit of a Swissair aircraft for t/o.
> I have been flying Swissair for about 12 years every other month and I
> never had the chance to be there during an interesting flight procedure,
> although I have asked (always unsuccesfully) to be in the cockpit for the
> landing. By the way I have been in the cockpit for landing in Olympic
> airways.
> On a more general note: what is the situation about this on different
> airlines. I know it is officially (ICAO ?) not permitted, but would be
> interested on experience by others in the newsgroup.

It is usually very strict. There are two reasons, first is obvious - the
risk of hijack. The second is that an unqualified observer in the cockpit
could distract the crew during a critical phase of flight.

With U.S. airlines there is absolutely no way that you are allowed in the
cockpit.  I was working at Delta's Flight Training centre and wanted to
ride in an L1011 cockpit to observe the Autoland system. Even the chief
L1011 pilot could not authorise a non-cockpit crew member on the Flight
Deck during a passenger flight.

With the European airlines ( I am not sure of the regulations outside of
Europe ) it is at the Captians discretion. However if anything happens,
even a minor incident, the Captain would have some very serious explaining
to do. So it is extremely unusual for them to allow it. It may be worth
asking but don't be insulted when the answer is "No".

Hope this helps

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