Re: Number of UA Boeing 777's

Date:         09 Apr 97 13:26:03 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>> The original order was for only 34, plus 34 options, though two of the
>> options have been exercised to bring the total orders to 36.  The first
>> 16 are A-market 777-200s, all of which have been delivered.  The other
>> 18 orders are for the 777-200 IGW model; the third of these arrived
** ^^
>> just last Friday, bringing UA's 777 fleet to 19 aircraft.

>This leaves the question of the two options converted to orders. Has UA
>chosen what sort of 777 these will be, or has UA yet to decide?

All of the aircraft on order and not yet delivered -- including the
two option conversions -- are for the IGW model.

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