Re: Delta's engine selections

Date:         09 Apr 97 13:26:02 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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In article <airliners.1997.899@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
carrog  <> wrote:
>H Andrew Chuang wrote:
>> Delta has just announced its engine selections for the B767 and the B777.
>.  This means, other than a few B757s, P&W is
>> practically shut out of Delta's deal.  (The B737 is exclusively powered
>> by the CFM56 engine.)  It looks like P&W may also be shut out from the AA
>> deal.  I doubt AA will go with P&W for the B777 powerplant, but let's wait
>> and see.  Twenty some years ago, P&W had the total domination of the
>> engine market.  Now, it looks like that P&W may have a hard time holding
>> onto its No. 2 position!
>		I find this rather odd!
>	Pratt & Whitney engines have powered more passenger miles
>	than any other source. Their contribution to civil aviation
>	development is unsurpassed, with advanced design that other
>	manufactures were only too pleased to follow.

P&W had its glory days in the 60s and 70s when it commanded the engine
market.  Sure, the JT8D is still the most widely flown engine in the
world.  The JT8D still provides P&W with a lot of revenue through
spare-part sales, but it hardly makes a dent in the new engine sales.
After Boeing started offering B747 customers with multiple engine
options and second-generation B737 with the CFM56, P&W's market share has
drastically dropped.  It has been in the No. 2 position for a long time.
In the past two years, orders for Rolls-Royce engines have been surprising
strong, especially in Southeast Asia.  If BMW/R-R wins the right to supply
the BR715 for the AE100/A318 and R-R becomes the exclusive supplier for
the A340-500/600 powerplant, P&W is seriously in danger of falling to
the No. 3 position.

>		Perhaps their commitment to standards, rather to a price,
>	has some bearing on the matter;

That's what McDonnell Douglas used to say.  It was reported that many
airlines were interested in the MD95, but McD wouldn't agree to the
price.  And now, look at where McD is.