SFO Airliner Drag Racing (was: parallel runways on airports)

Date:         09 Apr 97 03:09:28 
From:         "Doug Snow" <dougie@mama.indstate.edu>
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One thing I love SFO about is my favorite non-contact sport (one
hopes anyway), Airliner Drag Racing.

The last time I flew from SFO, we were (in a US 733) lined up on
28L, and we had an AA B757 lined up on 28R.  Tower mustve cleared us
both for departure at the same time, for we accelerated down the
runways at the same time.

The 757 was off first (go figure), and turned slightly to the right,
we were then off and we turned slightly to the left for traffic and
departed over the OFFSHORE departure, I think.

Douglas Snow (GSH)