Re: Delta's engine selections

Date:         09 Apr 97 03:09:27 
From:         carrog <>
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H Andrew Chuang wrote:
> Delta has just announced its engine selections for the B767 and the B777.
.  This means, other than a few B757s, P&W is
> practically shut out of Delta's deal.  (The B737 is exclusively powered
> by the CFM56 engine.)  It looks like P&W may also be shut out from the AA
> deal.  I doubt AA will go with P&W for the B777 powerplant, but let's wait
> and see.  Twenty some years ago, P&W had the total domination of the
> engine market.  Now, it looks like that P&W may have a hard time holding
> onto its No. 2 position!

		I find this rather odd!
	Pratt & Whitney engines have powered more passenger miles
	than any other source. Their contribution to civil aviation
	development is unsurpassed, with advanced design that other
	manufactures were only too pleased to follow.
		Perhaps their commitment to standards, rather to a price,
	has some bearing on the matter; since deregulation, and the
	apparent inability of the FAA to stop the increasing couterfeiting
	of aircraft spares.