Re: 747 wing stress test: This can't be true can it?

Date:         09 Apr 97 03:09:26 
From:         "Ol Mo Hubbard" <>
Organization: ConfrontingTheCupboard
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Boeing produced a fascinating if somewhat self-serving documentary on the
birth of the 747. It has aired on the Discovery channel numerous times. In
one segment they actually show the wing stress-to-break test. If I remember
correctly the wing-tip traveled 57 feet up/center before the wing failed.
And then- it was spectacular. Even the narrator, who was the VP/GM of the
747 project, commented on the thunderous explosion when it let go. If you
(or your flying club) contact Boeing I wouldn't be surprised if they would
happily send you a copy of the documentary. (They also did one on the 777)