Re: A319 engines thrust changes during climbing

Date:         09 Apr 97 03:09:26 
From: (Craig Welch)
Organization: CW&A Pte. Ltd., Singapore
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Sounds like pretty normal ATC to me. Cleared to (say) 8,000 ft, got
there, for whatever reason (traffic, business), no further clearance
for a minute or so; so throttle back, and *stay* at 8,000 ft.


Arman VOSKANIAN wrote:
> Last week a friend of mine has taken an Airbus A319 flight on Air
> France Europe (formerly Air Inter) domestic route. Few minutes after
> take off, the crew slowed down the engines power to idle for few
> seconds. Then set it to normal climbing thrust level.
> On the return flight on the same type (A319) there was the same
> event. This time, before it happened, the captain announced it,
> saying don't worry, "it is normal".