Re: Is the 747-100 really "too" old ?

Date:         09 Apr 97 03:09:25 
From: (JeffDGry)
Organization: AOL
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If the 747-100 were unsafe, the NTSB and FAA would have grounded them a
long time ago.  In regards to TWA, they have one of the safest records on
record, (not counting all the bombs and bullets form the Mideast).  Even
though TWA has been in the red for years, it is one airline that I would
walk on and fly without any second thoughts.  Now if the Lawyers would
quit trying to put TWA in a grave and let the NTSB do there jobs the dead
people's family will get the answers they need.

If the Lawyers want to help, put them in a dive suit and let them go down
and look for the still missing parts or let them help put back together
the 747 that the NTSB is doing.

One last thought... do the familys know that they will most likely see
very little of what ever the lawyer do bring in on this law suit... It
will most likely take three to four years, and with there stuipd fees,
well let's just say that they will be only the rich ones.

Answer to your question.... No, 747-100's are not too old to keep flying
if they are maintained.  Mahalo.