SAS DC8 ditching

Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:51 
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Somebody asked some days ago for info regarding a ditching in the 1960s:
Yes,there was an accident with a DC-8-62 from SAS, with Norwegian
registration LN-MOO, that crashed into Santa Monica Bay 6 miles out of
Los Angeles International airport on Jan 13, 1969. The aircraft
originated in Copenhagen with a stop in Seattle.The aircraft was on an
instrument approach to runway 07R. Of the 45 persons onboard 30 survived
with minor or no injuries. The fuselage broke into 3 pieces of which one
section floated for about 20 hours. Probable cause was lack of crew
coordination and inadequate monitoring of aircraft position which
resulted in an unplanned descent into the water. Contributingfactor was
an apparent ubsafe landinbg gear condition induced by the design of the
landing gear indication lights.Ingmar Hedblom, Aviation Safety
Department, Aiation Authority Sweden