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Date:         30 Mar 97 03:54:29 
From:         Sheena MacKenzie <>
Organization: University of Sheffield, UK
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In sci.aeronautics.airliners Steve Lacker <> wrote:
: McLELLAN Alexander, DED/1 wrote:
: >
: > RD Rick wrote:
: > >     First it was a tank engine;
: > >     Upgraded to a helicopter engine;
: > >     Upgraded to fanjet in BAe-146;
: > >     By Lycoming, Textron-Lycoming, Allied-Signal.
: >
: > The Olympus GT has been used in ships and for power generation ashore, as
: > well as in Concorde. The Tyne GT has also been used in ships - not sure
: > about a/c, but I'm sure someone out there will tell me...

: Quite a large number of turbine engines have cores/derivatives that are
: used for ships, power generation, etc.

Rolls-Royce have a number of aero-derivative gas turbines used for
various different applications.  The RB211 and Trent engine derivatives
are used for power generation, the RB211 is also used for pumping oil
and gas through pipe lines, and the Spey engine derivative is the main
marine propulsion engine provided by them at the moment, for instance.
Rolls-Royce plc consists of companies which cover areas from aerospace
to naval to power generation, for precisely this reason.  More info
available from the website at:


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