Re: parallel runways on airports

Date:         30 Mar 97 03:54:29 
From:         Mihir Pramod Shah <>
Organization: Virginia Tech
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Charles Platt wrote:
> This puzzles me. Years ago, approaching Denver, our captain told us that
> we would attempt to land precisely side-by-side with another aircraft on
> the parallel runway. This struck me as odd; it sounded like a stunt, and I
> had not bought my air ticket on the understanding that I would be a
> passenger in some stunt maneuvers! Indeed we did make some unusually sharp
> turns and corrections during the final approach. And then, through my
> window, I saw the other aircraft touching down right alongside, on the
> parallel runway, as predicted.
> I suppose it's possible that the two parallel runways at Denver are more
> than 4000 feet apart, but it sure didn't look that way.

I believe in clear weather (VFR or visual flight rules), runways that
are closer than the minimum required distance CAN handle simultaneous
landings.  I've seen this at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport,
where the two main parallel runways are only 1800 feet apart.  The
minimumn distance of 4300 feet applies to IFR (instrument flight rules)
conditions (i.e.: in inclement weather where planes cannot easily see
each other).

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