Re: parallel runways on airports

Date:         30 Mar 97 03:54:29 
From:         cwax <>
Organization: The Avia Group
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Paulo Santos wrote:
> The first set has been proposed, for MSP (Minneapolis-St. Paul).  I have a
> copy of the TERPS forms for those approaches.  The PRM remarks are quite
> interesting, so I am going to transcribe them here.
> 4. All ATC directed "breakouts" are to be HAND FLOWN: Pilots, when directed
> to breakoff an approach, must assume that an aircraft is blundering toward
> their course and a breakout must be initiated immediately.  The breakout must
> be hand flown to assure it is accomplished in the shortest amount of time.
> Controllers may give a descending breakout but in no case will the descent be
> below minimum vectoring altitude (MVA).

There was a problem with Glass cockpit Aircraft in the simulation studies
for 3400 ft PRM  - If the escape was not hand flown they took too long to
start the turn .....