Re: TWA radar image of cargo door

Date:         30 Mar 97 03:54:29 
From: (Stephen Westin )
Organization: Ford Motor Company
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>   The forward cargo door was seen by primary radar and human eyes as it
> departed TWA 800. It left first of all the pieces to go, and landed
> closest to the takeoff point. The door has failed before. The effect of
> departing caused an explosive decompression which was recorded on the
> cockpit voice recorder as a sudden loud sound just before an abrupt power
> cut. The cut occurred when the nose separated from the rest of the body by
> the force of the 300 knot slipstream crumpling the nose into the cargo
> door hole caused crease.

Please explain how UA811 returned safely to Hawaii, while TW800 fell
into the ocean when allegedly the same thing happened.


-Stephen H. Westin
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