Re: Curtains vs. plastic eyelids

Date:         30 Mar 97 03:54:28 
From: (Peter Coe)
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"Steven G. Thomson" <sthomson@{REMOVE}> writes:

>Charles Platt <> wrote in article
>> LesTroyens ( wrote:
>> > Was the 707 the first airliner to feature plastic eyelids instead of
>> > curtains?
>> I seem to remember the Vickers Viscount turboprop had curtains that you
>> could draw across its big oval windows (much larger windows than on any
>> jet airplane I've been in).

>The Viscount did indeed have awesome cabin windows. The BAe Jetstream 31
>has huge windows for a regional, must be a British tradition!

Whereas Concorde has windows the size of my palm. Let's blame the French
for that.

Actually, to take a slight tangent from the thread, does anyone else wonder
why windows seem to be set so low in the fuselage.  I find that the windows
are generally way below my eyeline, which makes looking out at ground level
a painful experience.  Rasing the window by six inches would improve
external visibility no end, and I don't think it would impair downward
visibility either.  It would certainly stop me getting a stiff neck!
Is there a reason for the current vertical placement of windows?