Re: Gimli 767 nose gear

Date:         30 Mar 97 03:54:27 
From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
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Merlin Dorfman wrote:
> Larry Stone ( wrote:
> : Amazing how little damage can occur with a skiilful landing. In 1990, UA
> : had a 747-400 (almost brand new) make a partial gear up landing at LAX -
> : only the wing  (outer) main gear came down, the nose and body (inner)
> : mains stayed up.

> Second, I don't have a model in front of me, but I
> suspect that when the plane finally did tip over it came to rest on
> the one landing gear, an engine nacelle, and part of the nose.

Re-reading the initial post above, I come to the conclusion that TWO of
the four main gear were down, not just one ("only the wing (outer) main
gear came down"). The 747 has four main gear- an inner (retract into the
belly) pair, and an outer (more conventional wing mounted) pair. So
there was still one main gear down on each side of the aircraft, and no
sideways tipping would result (especially since it was the outermost
pair of gear that were down). If so, then only the nose would kiss

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