Re: 42,000 feet

Date:         30 Mar 97 03:54:26 
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  or MIME structure (Terry Schell) writes:
>If you were willing to decend at Vne... you could drop like a stone.
>Does anyone know what Vne on the concorde is?  If it is mach 3 and the
>L/D at that speed is probably around <guesstimate> 5/1, you could get
>down in 113 seconds.

Concorde has a Tmo, not Vne.

I have no idea about emergency descents but the normal one is a
reasonably complex affair because of the temperature effect.

Basically, the aircraft needs to slow as it descends up (down?)
to about FL400-350 where I think it transfers to a constant IAS
of about 420kt.

Graeme Cant