Re : Black Patch Under Cockpit

Date:         30 Mar 97 03:54:26 
From:         " Marc  SCHAEFFER" <>
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> Can anyone tell me what the black patch under the cockpit window is?

The black patch under the cockpit window has the following function :
If the sun shines in the "correct" angle the nose of a white plane is
reflected in the cockpit window, and will reduce the visibility. Since
the black color absorbs most/all of the light, the pilots are no more
blinded by reflections.

There is also a different way to avoid reflections: On a 747 flight
deck which I visited the pilots had covered the windows with
newspapers, one of them was sleeping and the other guy had a small
place where he could see through. Needless to say that this was at
cruise altitude, but think of all the people sitting in the plane,
with full confidence in the flight crew...


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