Re: 737 Pneumatics System Question

Date:         25 Mar 97 03:38:11 
From:         Reid Fairburn <>
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At 02:38 AM 3/20/97, you wrote:
>The 737-300 engine bleed valves are (according to an Aircraft Flight
>1. Shutoff valves
>2. Pressure regulator valves
>3. Reverse flow check valves
>Are there versions of 737s that do not use the Reverse flow check valve

=====737-200...which is why you had to shutdown the engine asap with a
startvalve stuck well as turn off the bleed valve.

>To extend the idea further, will you ever be able to heat up the engine
>cowl inlets with the Engine Anti-ice switches "on", while on the ground,
>with ONLY the APU running?

=======No!  There is a requirement to clean the engine inlet prior to
start...which will allow further warming and cleanup after start. Don't
count on using the engine anti-ice to do all the cleanup.  One operator
started the engine with the intake full of least he tried...and
then complained that the anti-ice didn't work!