Re: L1011 vs. DC-10

Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:50 
From:         d** (Ray Clawson)
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On 03 Jan 97 04:36:38 , (Astracon) wrote:

>It occurred to me recently that while L1011's are starting to fall to the
>scrap-man's torch fairly often these days, DC-10's (same generation,
>approx. same size) are soldiering on as long-haul passenger aircraft
>throughout the world, and in fact some are even being overhauled to start
>new lives as freighters.
>Is there a good reason for this? - plain old economics or did the DC-10
>airframe have a lot more "life" designed into it?

American International Airways, operates 5 or 6 L1011's in the cargo
configuation.  Rumor has it that Connie bought some DC10's now.
Apparently, the 1011 just doesn't have the long carry that the 10 has.

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