Re: parallel runways on airports

Date:         25 Mar 97 03:38:09 
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In article <airliners.1997.792@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> wrote:

>Perhaps it's a special case, but parallel visual approaches are
>routinely flown on SFO's 28L and 28R, which are only 751 feet apart.
>There is no staggering -- I've been on flights that landed on 28R at
>exactly the same time as another flight landed on 28L, or vice versa.

I believe that at SFO the approaches are the LDA/DME 28R and the BAY
ILS/DME 28L, as well as the 28L and 28R visual approaches. Parallel
operations are only permitted during daylight hours, with ceiling
better than 2100' and visibility better than 6 miles. These are not
independent approaches - the trailing a/c must maintain visual
separation and ATC will place it at least 3/4 NM behind the lead
a/c. Passing is not allowed, and "wingtip-to-wingtip flight is not
permitted". If the lead a/c is a "heavy", additional separation is

(The new Denver airport does have runways far enough apart to allow
multiple independent approaches in IMC.)

Shamim Mohamed
spm "at" crl "dot" com