Re: 747-100 vs -200?

Date:         25 Mar 97 03:38:08 
From: (Michael Hore)
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:

>>What is the difference - and how can you tell the 747-100 and -200 apart
>>when they are flying?
>The -200 has some wing refinements, improved structures, and upgraded
>engines, which give it a higher gross weight and longer range.  There
>is no way to visually distinguish between a 747-100 and a 747-200 with
>JT9D engines, short of checking registrations or knowing that a given
>airline only had one or the other.

There was a change in the flap track fairing linkage going from the
-100 to the -200 (to reduce wear?)

The visible effect was that on the original design, the fairings
stayed fairly closely underneath the flaps in all flap positions,
while on current 747s the fairings droop somewhat below the flaps in
the 5-10-20 degree positions.  The difference is quite noticeable,
and you can see it if you look at old takeoff photos.

But the change might have been retrofitted to older -100s
- I certainly haven't seen the older arrangement for a number
of years now, in this part of the world.

Cheers,  Mike.

Mike Hore