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Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:50 
From:         d** (Ray Clawson)
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On 27 Dec 96 04:41:01 , (David) wrote:

>I had a number of questions concerning fuel dumping:
>1. What are the regulations on when and where fuel can be dumped ?
>2. Does the fuel vaporise before reaching the ground ?
>3. What would be a typical quantity of fuel that may be jettisoned ?

Quantity depends on max landing weight of the aircraft.  All aircraft
that can dump have a minimum level they can dump to  usually called
"dumping to the standpipes", referring to the way the dump system
pulls fuel out of the fuel tanks.  Or its called "dumping to
undumpable levels".  Normally this level leaves about 1 hour worth of
fuel on the aircraft.  I fly an 4 engine jet.  We don't normally talk
about ( in the simulator) dumping to the standpipes unless we are
already on 3 engines and lose the second engine.  Then the flight
engineer has standing orders to dump to the standpipes (more or less).
The training game in the sim is quite complicated (though not as
complicated as the loss of hydraulic pressure/quanity).

Ray Clawson

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