TWA radar image of cargo door

Date:         25 Mar 97 03:38:08 
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There is now confirmed radar evidence of the cargo door departing in
flight from TWA 800.
 There is a match between the primary radar images of Pan Am 103 and TWA
800 just before the total catastrophic destruction of both.  At the same
time and distance aft and before destruction of Pan Am 103, a radar blip
was picked up by two ground radars for one sweep and displayed on a
drawing in the UK report as a green diamond. At the same time and distance
aft and just before the destruction of TWA 800 ground radars picked up a
primary return which then also disappeared.The radar plots of 103 and 800
match on time and size of reflected primary radar energy on a  target just
behind those airliners which shortly came apart in the air.
 It is not a missile. It is not a P3. The P3 is to the east of TWA 800 and
 The blip is the forward cargo door spinning away probably with fuselage
skin attached, just like UAL 811 which tracked that radar blip to the
ocean where the door was retrieved. The UAL 811 radar images will match
the TWA 800 and Pan Am 103 images. Air India was too far away for a
primary radar image when it destructed in mid-air.The door appears almost
stationary to the radar because it is decelerating and falling.
  The streak is the sun's reflected energy on the metal door and skin as
it peels erratically away in the sunset and observed by viewers looking
east up high. The reflected flash of sunlight has been videotaped as a
Boeing 747 flew by overhead with same sun angle as TWA 800 to streak
  The forward cargo door was seen by primary radar and human eyes as it
departed TWA 800. It left first of all the pieces to go, and landed
closest to the takeoff point. The door has failed before. The effect of
departing caused an explosive decompression which was recorded on the
cockpit voice recorder as a sudden loud sound just before an abrupt power
cut. The cut occurred when the nose separated from the rest of the body by
the force of the 300 knot slipstream crumpling the nose into the cargo
door hole caused crease.
  I say again: There is a match between the primary radar images of Pan Am
103 and TWA 800 just before the total catastrophic destruction of both.
The culprit's fingerprint matched at two crimes. The cause of the crashes
is the inadvertent opening of the forward cargo door in flight.
  I am responding to Karl Swartz's request:
Perhaps some of our readers who spend their workdays looking at radar
screens can comment on the images with some authority.
I have thousands of hours of looking at radar scopes on P2, P 3, and RA-5C
aircraft, plus hundreds of hours fiixing them. Joihn Barry Smith

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