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Date:         25 Mar 97 03:38:08 
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>The A330-200 had a good year last year.  The new plane helped to revive
>the stagnant A330 program.  It'll be interesting to see if Airbus can
>sustain the potent A330-200 sales with Boeing launching the B767-400ER
>with Delta's new order.

While about the same size, the A330-200 has significantly greater range
than the 767-400ERX:

  Model        A330-300  A330-200  767-400  767-300
  Seats        295-335   253-293   245-303  218-269
  Range (nm)   4,800     6,400     5,650    6,125

I also thought the A330-200 was bigger than the 767-400ERX, but they
obviously are about the same size in terms of seats.  Still, I think
the range of the A330-200 gives it a healthy advantage over the 767.

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