Re: Looking for another V speed definition

Date:         21 Mar 97 02:43:25 
From: (Jim Wolper)
Organization: Idaho State University
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Tim asked about Vmcl versus Vmc for the Dehavilland Dash 8.

I have no experience in the DHC-8 (except as a cockpit visitor)
but I teach multiengine flying here in the US.  Our
definition of Vmc (which means Vmca; we use Vmcg for Vmc on the
ground) uses the aircraft in the takeoff configuration.  For
most of the airplanes I fly (Seneca, C-414, C-340), this is with
0 flaps and gear up.  However, the landing configuration is
full flaps and gear down.  This changes the vertical weight
distibution of the aircraft and thus the effect of the
spanwise component of the weight vector when banked into the
good engine, so it may change Vmc a little.  I think the
gear would have more effect than the flaps here.

Having said that, given that the DHC-8 uses spoilers for roll control,
their engine-out procedures may be different (spoilers increase
drag on the side which already has more drag and may therefore
hurt performance more than the bank helps performance), I may
be full of it!

Anyway, that's my best guess as to the difference.