Re: Looking for another V speed definition

Date:         21 Mar 97 02:43:25 
Organization: Earthlink Network, Inc.
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On 20 Mar 97 02:38:32 , Tim Halen <> wrote:

>The Flight Data Manual for the DH-8-102 lists a V speed I've never heard
>of before: Vmcl (referred to as minimum control speed in the landing
>configuration).  This speed differs by one or two kts from Vmca.
>The definition given in the manual is the same as for Vmca.  Does anyone
>know what configuration/conditions are used in determining Vmcl?

You prettly much answered your own question.  Its simply the minimum
control speed in the landing configuration.  The specific conditions
for doing the test are spelled out in the relevent FAR 25 regulation
and AC 25-7.