Re: How long IS long haul? (was: Boeing cancels 747-500X/600X)

Date:         21 Mar 97 02:43:24 
From: (ANNA Warman)
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Malcolm Weir <> put digit to keyboard and typed:

>But what *IS* long haul?  In a fairly recent discussion on another
>group, a British Airways Flight Engineer (747 Classics) opined that the
I read that as whined!!

>range of the classic represented long-haul these days, up from my
>original rule-of-thumb which used the range of the 707-320 as the
>yardstick.  I realize that different operators have different standards
>(Herb probably considers WN's OAK-BNA sector long-haul), but I'd be
>interested if there was a consensus amongst the readership.

The Boeing 777 has two versions - what Boeing refer to as the 'A'
market, which has a range of around 4-5000 miles and 'B' Market which
is around 6-7000 miles.  Perhaps someone from Boeing reading this
could clarify which markets they are referring to.  Are the A and B
markets judged just from the USA?

I ask this is I would guess A is mid haul (from Britain that would
largely be East and Central USA/Canada, the Caribbean, the Gulf and
Indian subcontinent, and north and west Africa; with B Market being
anything further (South America, east and south Africa and south east

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