Re: 747-100 vs -200?

Date:         21 Mar 97 02:43:24 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>What is the difference - and how can you tell the 747-100 and -200 apart
>when they are flying?

The -200 has some wing refinements, improved structures, and upgraded
engines, which give it a higher gross weight and longer range.  There
is no way to visually distinguish between a 747-100 and a 747-200 with
JT9D engines, short of checking registrations or knowing that a given
airline only had one or the other.  Some later 747-200s have GE CF6-80
or RR RB.211-524 engines, which are visibly different.  (All 747-100s
came with JT9D engines.)

Some people will tell you if it has the original "three window" upper
deck, it's a -100, and maybe if it has the 8-10 window upper deck, it
is NOT a -100.  Neither is true -- there's an upgrade kit to convert
a "three-holer" to the newer design, and many 747-100s have been so
modified.  There are (or were) also 747-200s with the "three-holer"
upper deck.

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