Survival in the Sky

Date:         20 Mar 97 02:38:32 
From: (Ramesh Pillutla)
Organization: Alcatel Network Systems Inc.
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Airplane buffs,

Saw a gret program last night on TLC (The Learning Channel). Check your
local cable listings for a program called "Survival in the Sky". It was
at 10 pm EST here in the DFW area.

The program deals with all the major crashes going back to the 1982 Air
Florida Crash in DC. They play CVR tapes, explain how the tapes were
cleaned up electronically, how the FDR data is converted into a computer
simulation.  It is a little scary but extremely informative as well.

They also dealt with the 1985 Delta Crash at DFW, 1993 United crash at
Colorado Springs, 1994 American crash at Pittsburgh. They deal with wind
shear, the 737 rudder actuator problem, the icing prolems with the ATR's,
727-200 wake vortex turbulence. They actually re-created the icing problem
on a test ATR using a military KC-135 to spray some kind of a yellowish
liquid from the refueling probe that simulated freezing rain.

The footage last night included re-creation tests from the NTSB.  They
also deal with the controversies surrounding the resignation of the chief
investigator of the 1985 Delta crash at DFW (Rudi Kapustin) from the NTSB
before the final report was released due to bitter differences over the
cause of the crash.

All in all a very cool program !!

Ramesh Pillutla