Re: Use of Multiple Jetways

Date:         20 Mar 97 02:34:57 
From:         Henry Law <>
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In article <airliners.1997.728@ohare.Chicago.COM>, John1082
<> writes
>Ant at Burbank, to this day, you can get off a Southwest 737 using stairs
>at both the forward and aft doors!

I fly from MAN to LHR and back quite frequently on a BA 757; the
friendly northerners in Manchester pull up some stairs at the back so
the plane empties in half the time - though you do get wet if it's
raining.  In London of course they only ever use the jetway (or a single
set of stairs) and it's very slow.

Then again, the arrival of a scheduled flight from anywhere seems to
take ground at LHR by surprise; the number of times I've waited for the
gate to free up, or for steps to be brought, or ...

Henry Law             <><
Manchester, England