Re: Use of Multiple Jetways

Date:         20 Mar 97 02:34:57 
From: (Gary A. Braun)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation
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In article <airliners.1997.727@ohare.Chicago.COM>, wrote:

> The only airport I know where the aerobridges can give
> access to other than the front two doors is Schipol.  Some
> gates there have a very long bridge which can reach door 3
> in a 747.  The only problem is that that is the one that
> has been approved for de-activation.  Door 3 is inop on
> BAs Classics.  I'm not sure about other airlines.

I was at Schiphol recently with an airport manager, and was shown two
gates where the over-the-wing jetways were removed to accomodate 777s
(apparently the wing is further from the ground than the 747).