Re: He hazard to airplanes

Date:         20 Mar 97 02:34:56 
From: (Ray KC2AYO)
Organization: The Lost Chord BBS
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On 18 Mar 97 03:14:53 , wrote:

>A co-worker of mine tried to bring a HeNe [Helium-Neon] laser on a
>NorthWest Flight recently and was told that He was a hazard to air flight.
>He couldn't even leave it in with his luggage.  My question is why is He,
>a hazard to airplanes?  Is there some sort of sensing system that He will
>interfere with?

 I assume the He was stored as a gas in a pressurized container.  Any
pressurized gas canister is considered HAZMAT and as such is usually not
allowed onboard passenger aircraft...
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