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Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:49 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>The shape of the Airbus cabin is somewhat different than a Boeing widebody
>cabin, in that the Boeing Fuselage walls are essentially vertical, on
>Airbus aircraft they are canted inward, reducing shoulder room in the
>window seats.

Except near the nose and tail, they're both horizontal cylinders with
the bottom lopped off.  (The overall fuselage may by a full cylinder
or it may be two smashed together, with the floor at the joint, the
so-called "double bubble" design.  I think all Airbuses are cylinders
but the 747 and 777 are the only Boeing jetliners in which the fuse-
lage is a true cylinder.)

The real difference is that Airbuses, or at least the wide-body ones,
have the floor located higher within the fuselage.  Where Boeing puts
the widest part of the cabin at roughly shoulder level, Airbus puts
it closer to waist level, which results in the more pronounced inward
cant of the cabin walls at shoulder level.

Airbus had a very good reason for locating the floor higher within the
fuselage of the A300, and thus all other wide-body Airbus models -- by
doing so, and using a wider fuselage than the 767, they were able to
accomodate side-by-side LD-3 containers, like a DC-10 or L-1011.

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