Re: 42,000 feet

Date:         20 Mar 97 02:34:55 
From:         Ken Madden <>
Organization: University of North Texas
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> >What is done for emergency oxygen on the Concord?
> I can't speak about the oxygen aspects of it but I have been on commercial
> flights at FL430. Also, some business jets routinely cruise at FL450 to
> FL510. In the U.S., above FL410, for air carriers, one pilot must be on
> oxygen (if one leaves the flight deck, the other must be on oxygen above
> FL250). Ref: FAR 121.133 (c)(2) and (3).

As far as the Concorde is concerned, I'm betting that the designers have
not considered it within the realm of probability of experiencing a
complete loss of cabin pressure at FL650.  The Air Force requires all
crew to wear pressure suits above FL500.  I don't know how the crew of
the Concorde would initiate and carry through an emergency descent when
suffering with the Bends; maybe the autoflight computer is programmed to
automatically initiate a descent upon a loss of cabin pressure?

Ken Madden