Re: Jumbolino?

Date:         20 Mar 97 02:34:55 
From:         " Marc  SCHAEFFER" <>
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>I had the great experience last week of riding with the cockpit
>crew of a Crossair RJ-85 on a one-hour flight out of Zurich. Neat plane,
>great performance with a glass cockpit.
>One question: where does the name "Jumbolino" come from?

The name Jumbolino is a nickname which Crossair gave to the RJ's since they
look like a 'little' jumbo jet. They have four engines and a big fuselage
compared to the diameter of the engines. It's not more complicated.
By the way, since you were in the cockpit, why did you not ask the crew ?

Similar the SAAB 2000 is called Concordino. This is due to it's high speed of
691 km/h (for a turboprop) and long and thin fuselage.

This is swiss logic, really not complicated (my opinion)


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