Re: Mojave Airliner Storage

Date:         18 Mar 97 03:14:54 
From: (Paulo Santos)
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In article <airliners.1997.644@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
SILAGI  <> wrote:
>I have friends coming from Austria during the first week in April that
>want to go to Mojave to photograph some of the airliners in storage
>there.  I have heard that a lot of them have been returned to active
>service during the past year.  Anybody have any info on what is
>currently being stored at MHV.  Also any info on the current status at
>Kingman AZ would also be appreciated.

I was there just last week.  They only had 4 airliners in flying condition
(i.e., one piece, not broken up for parts): a Family Airlines 747,
an all-white 747, and 2 MEA 707s.  The rest were just the remainings
of 727s, DC-9s, and 747s.  One of the 747s in the scrapyard was painted
in the colors of Oceanic Airways, the Hollywood-made airline used in
the movie "Executive Decision".

If you want to see pictures I took there last week, try