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Date:         18 Mar 97 03:14:54 
From:         "Brian Maddison" <BMADDISO@BCSC02.GOV.BC.CA>
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In article <airliners.1997.644@ohare.Chicago.COM> on
09 Mar 97 12:39:37 SILAGI writes:

>I have friends coming from Austria during the first week in April that
>want to go to Mojave to photograph some of the airliners in storage
>there.  I have heard that a lot of them have been returned to active
>service during the past year.  Anybody have any info on what is
>currently being stored at MHV.  Also any info on the current status at
>Kingman AZ would also be appreciated.

Good luck with Mojave. Some recent posts have indicated that it is now
increasingly difficult to get access to the stored airliners there.
You might want to write to the airport manager in advance to avoid
disappointment. There are still many airliners stored here, but a lot
are in poor condition not making for very good photos.

The folks at Kingman are much friendlier probably because they get fewer
visitors. On my last visit (Oct 96) there were about 40 Jetstreams, 6
Lone Star Metros, 2 Northwest F-27, 12 Valujets and a single Continental
DC-10. Also based (not stored) are a DC-4 and Fairchild C-123.

For more info check out my previous post in this group.


Brian Maddison