Re: 737 question

Date:         18 Mar 97 03:14:54 
From:         Tim Halen <>
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> At 02:45 AM 3/1/97, you wrote:
> >I am reading DEBT OF HONOR by Tom Clancy and was wondering about something.
> >At the start of chapter 39, it explains how Japanese consulates in Seattle,
> >San Fran, New York, and Honolulu were vacated and the Japanese were flown to
> >Vancouver.  The people from Honolulu boarded a United 737 for a five hour trip
> >to BC.  How plausible would it be for the 737 to make this hop?

The 1/97 issue of Wings magazine contains an article about the
development of the new 737-700. The article states:

"An additional benefit of the larger wing is an increased fuel capacity
resulting in an operational range for the -700 of 3,245 miles.  ETOPS
certification, according to Boeing, will be ready 'out of the box.'"

Not sure if this directly answers your question, but hope it helps.

Tim Halen
Air Nova