Re: Rich International DC-8-63 N4935C

Date:         18 Mar 97 03:14:53 
From:         "J. Heilig" <>
Organization: Precision Scale Graphics
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Hans Jakobsson wrote:
> As Rich International apparently are allowed to fly again, does anyone
> know whether their DC-8 fleet will continue to be operated? Rich's
> DC-8-63 N4935C is the only all-pax -63 left in the world (according to
> JP 96/97)...

	They may be *allowed* to fly legally, but it's highly doubtful that
	they will actually be able to get the money together to do so.
	From what I've heard locally here in South Florida, Rich as we knew
	it is dead.
> Are there any all-pax -63's stored at Marana/Mojave today?

	I was in Marana last May, and there certainly were none stored there
	then.  Not sure about Mojave, but given the value of DC-8s as
	freighters, it's highly doubtful.

Jennings Heilig