Re: Dumb Douglas: nee - DC-8s in service; no 707s?

Date:         18 Mar 97 03:14:53 
From:         Simon Ellwood <>
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Stephen Lacker wrote:-

>Convair CV-990 Coronado? It certainly gets my vote as one of the
>'sexiest airliners' of all time, even if it was a total failure in the

I couldn't agree more - the 990 was (is!) a superb looking airliner.

I have spent much time trying to establish exactly which 990's are still
in existance - never mind airworthy!

NASA's space shuttle "gear tester" 990 (recently laid up after
completetion of the most recent round of tests) is the only 990 I know
for sure to be still airworthy.

Other candidates are N8357C, ex Denver Ports Of Call and Spantax EC-BZO.

According to Jon Proctor (a recognised authority on the Cv880/990 - see
his excellent book on these specific airliners) who has spoken direct to
the owner of N8357C, David Tokoph - who insists that the aircraft
remains airworthy. Since it last flew back in '91 I imagine it needs
some work. David was apparently willing to donate this aircraft to any
"non-profit making" cause i.e. a museum - but I don't know if this offer
still holds. Anyone Stateside know ?

Spantax's  EC-BZO was apparently donated to the air museum "Cuatro
Vientos Museo Del Aire" in Madrid about the time the rest of Spantax's
990's were broken up (91-94). However, it remains stored at a remote
corner of Palma airport (Majorca), apparently in excellent condition.
The fact that it's remained here and not been ferried to Madrid
presumably indicates it isn't airworthy - anyone know ?

The derelict hulk of EC-BQQ can also be found at Palma.

Simon Ellwood

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