Re: Boeing cancels 747-500X/600X?

Date:         18 Mar 97 03:14:52 
From:         Malcolm Weir <>
Organization: Exceedingly Little
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McLELLAN Alexander, DED/1 wrote:
> Roger wrote:
> >BA has said that by about 2005
> >(I can't recall the exact year), the smallest jet aircraft in its
> >fleet is expected to be the size of a 757.
> He of all people on the list should remember how small Concorde is...
> (unless they plan to expand Concorde!)

Not expand, but retire.

In 2005, the "entire" fleet will all be well over 30 years old, and will
all have significantly exceeded the original design life (which is where
some of the aircraft stand right now, hence the current "relife" program
by BAe at Bristol).  Parts are a problem even now (I think two items,
one BA, one AF, are effectively grounded for cannibalization).

That said, BA/BAe may find ways to extend the fleet's life still further
so that in 2005 they are still flying; but the original article was
talking about current expectations (three years ago it was generally
considered unlikely that Concorde would fly past 2000).

> Alex (NOT speaking for Eurocontrol)