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Date:         04 Jan 97 03:55:48 
From:         "Brian A. Reynolds" <>
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins
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> On 01 Jan 97 20:59:22 , (LesTroyens) wrote:
> >Public concern about counterfeit parts is being whipped up by the media on
> >a regular basis.
> >In the opinion of the Group is this a worthy concern? Has there ever been
> >a fatality on a commercial airliner attributable to counterfeit parts?
> >Santa Claus brought me the thriller novel "Airframe", and there is a
> >subplot about, you guessed it...
> To date. as far I we have been told at the ACO, not a single fatality
> has been attributed to counterfeit parts

New Zealand had (I think) two fatal helicopter crashes as a result of
recycled US Army blades (which had been removed from service due to
reaching their life limit).  The blades had been improperly repaired (by
definition a life limited part cannot be restored so any repair was
improper but these repairs were really bad), then the blades repainted.

A new version of FAR Part 21 is being circulated which will make all
parties handling parts (currently the responsiblity is with the
person/agency which does the actual installation, and no requirements
for how the parts found their way into and through the spare parts

Counterfeit parts is a real and present danger which the FAA and other
Regulatory Agencies are working to stop.