Re: Question: Vertical speed on landing?

Date:         18 Mar 97 03:14:52 
From:         "David E. Pearce Jr." <>
Organization: Lockheed Martin -- Denver  InterNetNews site
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> > Kim Hackett wrote:
> > >
> > > >Can somebody please tell me what is the vertical landing speed
> > > >limit for a B737 or B757 at MaxLandWeight (prior to any structural
> > > damage)?

When MACDAC was working on the MD-80 I believe, They were doing a near
max sink rate on a flight vehicle prior to certification. The pilot was
trying to land at 8ft/sec but hit a downdraft just prior to touchdown
and hit at 14 ft/sec. The tail cone broke off and the fuselage just
forward of the wing buckled.