Carnival 737 problem

Date:         18 Mar 97 03:14:50 
From: (Mitchell Regenbogen)
Organization: PANIX
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Last month (Feb. 16) I was scheduled to leave PBI on a Carnival flight to
JFK.  The 737-400 we were waiting for flew in a little late from Hartford,
CT.  Rather than boarding on schedule, an announcement was made that
because of the winter storm predicted later that night in the Northeast
the captain "wanted the plane's navigation system checked."  After about
an hour-and-a-half of further "maintenance delays" the flight was
cancelled.  (It appeared to be an interesting coincidence that that flight,
along with the next Carnival flight into Islip were both half full...)

Does this sound kosher, or just a way of Carnival combining two flights?

Mitch Regenbogen,  Brooklyn, New York,
"Knowledge is Good."