Re: Use of Multiple Jetways

Date:         09 Mar 97 22:55:40 
From:         Jean-Francois Mezei <"[nospam]jfmezei">
Organization: SPC
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P. Wezeman wrote:
>    Before the Boeing 747 was actually put into service, some artist's
> conceptions of the plane showed it parked between two terminal structures
> with three or more jetways connecting to it on each side.

The problem with this is that along with passenger mouvements are also
luggage/cargo, cleaning crews and catering/supplies load/unload. The
servicing of the aircraft is almost always done on the "left" side of
the aircraft (when viewed from the terminal) and pax loading/unloading
on the right side.

[What everyone else would refer to as the right and left sides of the
aircraft, respectively, or starboard and port.  Karl]

And between the unloading and unloading of pax, you need to clean the
cabin and this is done a lot quicker when no passengers are aboard.

Many airports do have a few gates with 2 jetways to service the same
plane. Unfortunatly, usually one jetway is often used for business class
and the other for the rest of the cattle so it is not a question of
making entry/egress most efficient. ( The jetways use the 2 doors  in
front of the wings)