Re: MD80 and ETOPS (and ferry flights)

Date:         09 Mar 97 22:55:38 
From:         Reid Fairburn <>
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At 12:39 PM 3/9/97, you wrote:
>Well, last summer, United leased a 737-222 to Aloha.  To get it from
>SFO to Hawaii, they installed seven 200 gallon ferry tanks, with the
>displaced seats being stored aft to be re-installed once the plane
>reached Hawaii.

I flew that airplane back to United last fall with the same tank config.
We arrived in SFO with 8000+ lbs of fuel.  Not a bad trip for an ancient
old bird.  With strong headwinds it may be easier to get to Honolulu by
going through Cold Bay in Alaska, it is just a few miles shorter with less
wind effect for the overwater hop.

Reid Fairburn
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