Re: EMB145 Experiences

Date:         09 Mar 97 12:39:43 
From:         "V. Pance" <>
Organization: Sympatico
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	I've always been extremely impressed with the CRJ. It's quieter than a
757 inside, and seems to have the same speed as any other airplane

	Incidentaly, that fly-off between the EMB145 and the CRJ used a ComAir
RJ. That's the Series 100.. it has a more fuel efficient sister, the
Series 200...

	I heard that the EMB145 is still that Embraer 3 abreast seating
arrangment. I can't stand that. I've been on TOO many 120's in the past.
I guess that's another nice feature of the CRJ, 4 abreast.

	I've taken ComAir at least a hundred times in the past year and have
run into a mechanical delay once. I guess that says something for either
ComAir's maintenance, or for the aircraft.

	Best Regards,